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Wonton Soup will be playing live tomorrow THURSDAY at Oxnard College in the student lounge for VIVA MASQUERADA! The wolves start feeding at 5 o’clock pm and we’ll be ballin’ up to the University of Santa Barbara at 10 pm LIVE on 91.9 FM or son! (at Newbury Park, California)

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Learned I suck at gambling. But had a fun wild night with da boys! Happy 18th birthday Jaime! (at Chumash Casino)

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Happy 18th Birthday Jaime Nakamura! @heshergirl (at Chillax Hookah Lounge)

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She bangs.. In the danger zone! (at Hell)

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Wonton Soup will be playing in the beautiful Oxnard California on 4/24 for VIVA LA MASQUERADA a festive event hosted at Oxnard College! Paint your face or put on your best outfit and come for the soup and stay for the stick n’ pokes in the bathroom! The madness begins at 5 pm promptly!

Then tune into 91.9 FM or and listen to a full LIVE set of Wonton Soup full of brand new bangers and a possible group insight on the story of the soup!

Don’t let this Thursday be a bore! Jam out your loneliness and teen angst to a week night that is one to be in the history books!

And tapes will be available at the show! You’ll also be able to order them at Wednesday night! Or if you just want to share the gift of giving.. we have free downloads available on the said bandcamp!
(at Hell)

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Hero’s Funeral. (at C J’s BBQ)

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Wonton Soup at the Almost Holden Collection on 4/19/2014

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I gave my love a chicken that had no bone. (at Hell)

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Wonton out here giving stick n’ pokes rn. (at Almost Holden Collection)